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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I am overwhelmed by the professional and personal way these ladies handled our estate sale!! The many hours spent grouping and staging our eclectic and large collection of treasures and collectibles made for attractive display and better sales. I was amazed by their research and attention to detail. They take all the worry off the owner and get the best price for value.

Ladies, I cannot thank you enough, and a tip of the hat and a glass of wine in appreciation of your tireless commitment to accomplishing the best results for your clients!"

Peggy and John Black

"Dodie, Nell and Debbie are unbelievable. They are professional, great at staging and take care of everything. Nothing was questionable. We were very happy with their service. Thank you ladies."

Sonny and Melissa Craig

"This DN&D outfit is superior! They get a 12 on a 10-point scale for expertise and dedication to do a top-notch job for the customer! Frank and I have endless praise for the work they did for us."

Carolyn and Frank Price

"They were very professional and hardworking. Every detail was covered. They know their business and work very hard for their clients."

Jim and Marella Adams

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Love working with these lifelong friends helping them find homes for great things."

Frank Crafts

"Professional, wonderful ladies, awesome prices don’t miss an opportunity to work with these ladies!"

Jennifer Canon

"Loved the experience. I thought the prices were extremely reasonable. Can’t wait for the next sale!"

Sandy Barr

The staff was very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. This was one of the best estate sale companies I have purchased from. The staff made the sale fun and exciting.

Square feedback

Our Story

A new company is born...or is it a ministry?


Nell’s BFF from college days at Auburn recently moved to Decatur. For years Debbie has been fascinated by estate sales. Her husband’s career has taken them to many different cities and countries all over the world. Often when it was time to make a move, Debbie would sell the entire contents of her home (keeping her prized art collection, of course, and a few beloved pieces of furniture). She would move to a new city and furnish a new home primarily by shopping estate sales. A number of years ago, following a move to Georgia, Debbie met and teamed up with a man who owned an estate sales company. She had recently retired from teaching, so the timing was perfect. They joined forces and Debbie’s organizational and people skills ensured instant success in her new career.

Shortly after Debbie moved to Decatur, Nell and Dodie found out that a dear friend and her husband were downsizing and relocating from Decatur to Kentucky. Nell asked Debbie if she would consider doing an estate sale for them. Being the adventurous person that she is, Debbie agree to coordinate the sale with her friends’ help. It was an awesome week for everyone, and Debbie, Nell and Dodie quickly realized that in addition to having a lot of fun, they were performing a much-needed service for their friends. Through the week, they prepped and priced and researched. Amazingly they all had different strengths that complimented each other. It was a lot of hard work but when the sale was over, they felt such a sense of accomplishment. And their friends were very happy with the results.

Debbie, Nell and Dodie got together a few days later to have a celebration lunch. They talked about the sale and how well they had worked together. They talked about how much easier (and cheaper) their friends’ impending move would be without the extra stuff--furniture, rugs, etc., and how nice it had been to provide that service for them. They began talking about the possibility of starting an estate sale business. Then they reminded themselves that they were retired. “But we wouldn’t have to do it full time,” one of them said. “Yes, we could just do maybe one sale a month,” another continued. “Are we doing this?” Debbie asked. “Yes, we are,” Nell and Dodie replied. And so DN&D Estate Sales was born.

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"  This DN&D outfit is superior!   They get a 12 on a 10-point scale."

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